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Carving Crazy Horse® DVD

Carving Crazy Horse® DVD

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A timeless classic. "Carving Crazy Horse" originally was produced in the mid-1980s and later updated to show 1990's progress on the Mountain. The program has continued to be popular and has taken on a "timeless" quality - in large part because so much of it is told by Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski. It also contains the most extensive collection available of archival Crazy Horse video.

Storyteller in Stone. Korczak discusses many aspects of his colorful life and work, including why he accepted the Indians' invitation and dedicated his life to carving Crazy Horse. Historic photography lets you witness the fascinating stages of carving Crazy Horse. See dramatic blasts and "aerial" drilling, and marvel at the equipment and special skills it takes to carve a modern wonder of the world. Meet the sculptor's wife, Ruth, and members of their large family, and hear them explain how they are continuing his Crazy Horse dream.

Total run time: 87 minutes. ©1993, ©2005 Korczak's Heritage, Inc. All rights reserved. Closed captioned. Plays worldwide.

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